Oct 14, 2013

EAWC Waste to Energy

A turn key solution to address the adverse impact of Waste and energy scarcity…

According with the macroeconomic data from 30 Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries, it has been estimated that 1% increase in national income creates a 0.69% increase in municipal solid waste amount.

Amounts of waste are largely determined by two factors: first, the population I any given area, second, its consumption patterns which are controlled by the evolution of Gross Domestic Product per Capita (GDP/c).

Reports from the UN, reports that between now and 2015, the world population will increase by 20% to reach 8 billion inhabitants (from 6.5 today).

In the past decade, wastes and in particular Municipal Solid Wastes (MSW), become more and more considered as a renewable resource that could pay a major role in the framework of renewable energy production. 

As matter of fact, energy can be recovered from wastes by several means, essentially by combustion, pyrolysis or gasification, this last process being the more attractive as it not only allows a part of the chemical organic energy to be recovered but also the production of usable gases (Syngas), giving life to what is known by “Waste to Energy” (WtE) or Energy from Waste (EfW).

Waste to Energy (WtE) is the process of generating energy in the form of electricity and/or heat from the management waste.

EAWC Technologies can produce more electric power from a same amount of fuel than would be possible by direct combustion

EAWC Technologies offers a closed-loop elemental recycling systems that safely destroys wastes and produces commodity products. The EAWC WtE systems achieves this without producing harmful, noxious or dangerous by-products, effluents or emissions. The materials fed into the process are in actuality feed stocks, once regarded as wastes.

The innovative concept ensures 5 times more efficient production of energy then the classic process of plasma assisted waste management process. A unique selling feature that endorse the valuable Initial Public Offering (IPO) to take place in the coming weeks.

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