Mar 30, 2017

EAWC Technologies (OTC: EAWD) Signs Revised Agreement to Build Waste to Energy Plants in Mexico

MIAMI, March 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- EAWC Technologies (OTC: EAWD) (also known as Eurosport Active World Corp) announces it has signed a revised Agreement with Mexican Company, Tecnologias Verdes SA de CV, to build its innovative Waste to Energy (WtE) plants in Mexico. The revised Agreement, originally signed in March 2015, extends and expands its plans to construct a WtE power plant in Chiapas, Mexico; the first of five planned for this area of the country.

Each plant is expected to deliver 50 - 125 Mw/hour with all five scheduled to active no later than 2020. Mexico's energy sector had been under strict governmental management since 1938. This changed in 2013 and 2014 when Mexico amended its constitution and passed enabling legislation overhauling its energy sector to allow private and foreign investment. EAWC plans to finance construction of its WtE projects through the placement of bonds secured by energy contracts.

Orders for the five WtE plants are expected to provide over $300 million in equipment sales alone, and related royalties for use of EAWC licensed technology would provide about $90 million in fees annually beginning in 2019 for the next 15 years. EAWC is also expected to generate revenue from the supply of gas to the power plans.

About EAWC Technologies: EAWC Technologies ( operates under the public company Eurosport Active World Corp, a Florida Corporation. To meet ever-increasing worldwide demand for water and energy, EAWC endeavors to make available environmentally-friendly and sustainable methods of producing and purifying water, in addition to the generation of energy through its Waste-to-Energy technologies. Towards these ends, it has acquired the relevant licenses that give it the right to sell and produce the associated technologies while ensuring, through its partnership with Swiss Water Tech R&D, the provision of related services including research & development, technical maintenance, education and training. Forward-Looking Statements This press release may contain forward-looking statements.

The words "believe," "expect," "should," "intend," "estimate," "projects," variations of such words and similar expressions identify forward-looking statements, but their absence does not mean that a statement is not a forward-looking statement. These forward-looking statements are based upon the Company's current expectations and are subject to a number of risks, uncertainties and assumptions.

The Company undertakes no obligation to update any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. Among the important factors that could cause actual results to differ significantly from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements are risks that are detailed in the Company's filings on file at

Contact Information: EAWC Technologies Ralph Hofmeier, CEO
SOURCE EAWC Technologies
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Apr 1, 2016

Development needs water and energy

Growht manufacturing increase water scarcity

Mexico is on the verge of economic growth in the manufacturing and energy sectors in the coming years and the majority of Mexico's population and economic production is located on the comparatively water-scarce central and northern region. Today, agriculture remains Mexico's most water-intensive industry, accounting for 77 percent of total use. The industrial and municipal sectors account for the remaining extractions.

Mar 26, 2015

EAWC Technologies Build Waste-To-Energy Plant in Mexico

EAWC Technologies today announced an Agreement with Tecnologías Verdes SA de CV, a private Mexican Corporation, to build the country's first waste-to-energy (WtE) plant at the state of Chiapas.

"This plant is designed to process waste material in order to produce an estimated 95 million cubic meters of synthetic gas," according to EAWC Technologies CEO Ralph Hofmeier. "The resulting synthetic gas, or 'syngas', which could then be used to power an internal combustion engine or turbine used to power generator for electricity," he pointed out.

EAWC Technologies estimates that it will receive more than $5 million in revenue for this first project in the Mexican market. Management believes this is the most efficient, cost effective and profitable solution that Mexico faces to rid itself of organic & inorganic; solid or liquid waste and simultaneously help manage its energy needs.

This waste-to-energy plant by EAWC is a closed loop elemental recycling system that safely destroys wastes and produces commodity products. It is expected to clearly demonstrate how it can solve serious environmental challenges for Mexico. According to Tecnologías Verdes, it has plans for more than 30 similar projects involving EAWC WtE plants. 

Feb 19, 2015

EAWC is again online

Dear customers and partners we inform that our web site and emails are online now. Thanks for your understanding and feel free to visit our website for any information that you need.

Feb 18, 2015

EAWC server suffered a cyber attack

Dear Customers and partners we wish to inform you that EAWC server  suffered a cyber attack and our website like our emails are temporarily unavailable. Our technical service is working and will be online in a few hours.

Thank you for your understanding and any information about it, please feel free to send us an email to our research and development centre:

Oct 27, 2014

EAWC in Expo Ciudades – Guadalajara

Due to the growing success that our technologies have been having in the Mexican market, we have been invited to participate to “Expo Ciudades” in the company of our holding company (Technologías VerdesS.A. de C.V.) based in Mexico. This exposition is scheduled to take place on the 21st and 22nd of November 2014 in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Our participation to Expo Ciudades will provide the opportunity to present its EAWC-Waste-to-Energy technology, which presents a viable solution to the critical problem that are posed by garbage dumps and landfills and that in addition do not provide a sustainable and ecologically sound solution on account of the large negative impact they have on the environment by the release of greenhouse gases and the contamination of topsoil and ground water. 

EAWC’s innovative Waste-to-Energy concept is based on plasma gasification, whereby the waste is converted into a synthetic gas that can then be used to generate energy without any negative impact on the environment and without any greenhouse emissions whatsoever. The distinguishing and innovative factor in this process is its capability to generate electricity. For example, one ton of garbage is sufficient to produce one megawatt of electricity. Putting this solution into place would permit for the recovery of so much space that has been overrun and damaged by garbage dumps and landfills. 

In this context, EAWC Technologies continues to implement its policy of promoting renewable energy that enables for sustainable development through the application of its various technologies:

Aug 26, 2014

EAWC introduces its technologies in Mexico

By applying EAWC Technologies into their industrial activities, certain States in Mexico have begun to undertake a reform in their energy sectors that could potentially result in a 1.2% increase in the country’s overall economic growth rate and US $20,000 in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).  

Apr 28, 2014

The Era of Climate Change

When one basks in the glory of a cool and sunny Spring day, it seems impossible to fathom the devastating consequences that climatic changes have in store for us over the next 26 years, let alone what could happen after 2040 if drastic steps to improve the condition of the environment are not taken soon.

To consider such a distant future would give us the impression that we still have plenty of time to act, but it’s been 20 years that such talk of the consequences of climatic change has been on-going yet here we are faced with the reality that we believed would take so long to pass. As such, here we are in 2014 living in the Era of Climatic Change.

The projections made by the IPCC in its latest edition of Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability are not very encouraging. Not having taken strict measures in the past few years with regard to the releasing of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere has led to an increase of 0.6 °C in the Earth’s temperature. Some of the consequences relevant to this are: the destruction of corral reefs; migrations of terrestrial and marine wildlife; the melting of glaciers; experiencing extreme temperatures such as the polar vortex (pls see images) which affected North America; or, the dry spell being experienced in the south-west of the United States of America (California’a Water Crisis), etc.

Feb 19, 2014

California: Water Crisis

It’s been said we’re going to run out of water before we run out of oil. 

The water crisis is not only a problem in poor or developing countries. California is a region of the United States being affected by one of the most severe droughts in its history. Approximately 25 million people are at risk of running out of water. Endangering food production with several consequences in the agricultural sector. The basins are estimated to have lost 10 km3 fresh water for each of the last 2 years. This is equivalent to consummated water in urban areas in California each year.

To tackle the problem of water the California Government launched: Action Plan for California water. This plan includes an investment of $ 618 million for 2014-2015 to encourage projects for better water distribution, for a restoration of watersheds and rivers. This proposal seeks 3 major objectives:
  1. More reliable water supplies 
  2. The restoration of important species and habitat
  3. More resilient, sustainably managed water resources system (water supply, water quality, flood protection, and environment) 

With the same problem of drought are also the states of Texas, Utah and Arizona.

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