Aug 26, 2014

EAWC introduces its technologies in Mexico

By applying EAWC Technologies into their industrial activities, certain States in Mexico have begun to undertake a reform in their energy sectors that could potentially result in a 1.2% increase in the country’s overall economic growth rate and US $20,000 in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).  

In so doing, EAWC Technologies continues to succeed in applying its policy of renewable energy for sustainable development, through the promotion of the following technologies:

These technologies will be represented by its holding company in Mexico, Tecnologías Verdes SA, at the Green Expo 2014 that will take place during 24-26 September 2014 in Mexico City and 2014 Expo Turismo Sustentable, during 15-18 October 2014, which will take place in Rivera Maya Quintana Roo.


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