Oct 27, 2014

EAWC in Expo Ciudades – Guadalajara

Due to the growing success that our technologies have been having in the Mexican market, we have been invited to participate to “Expo Ciudades” in the company of our holding company (Technologías VerdesS.A. de C.V.) based in Mexico. This exposition is scheduled to take place on the 21st and 22nd of November 2014 in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Our participation to Expo Ciudades will provide the opportunity to present its EAWC-Waste-to-Energy technology, which presents a viable solution to the critical problem that are posed by garbage dumps and landfills and that in addition do not provide a sustainable and ecologically sound solution on account of the large negative impact they have on the environment by the release of greenhouse gases and the contamination of topsoil and ground water. 

EAWC’s innovative Waste-to-Energy concept is based on plasma gasification, whereby the waste is converted into a synthetic gas that can then be used to generate energy without any negative impact on the environment and without any greenhouse emissions whatsoever. The distinguishing and innovative factor in this process is its capability to generate electricity. For example, one ton of garbage is sufficient to produce one megawatt of electricity. Putting this solution into place would permit for the recovery of so much space that has been overrun and damaged by garbage dumps and landfills. 

In this context, EAWC Technologies continues to implement its policy of promoting renewable energy that enables for sustainable development through the application of its various technologies:

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