Mar 26, 2015

EAWC Technologies Build Waste-To-Energy Plant in Mexico

EAWC Technologies today announced an Agreement with Tecnologías Verdes SA de CV, a private Mexican Corporation, to build the country's first waste-to-energy (WtE) plant at the state of Chiapas.

"This plant is designed to process waste material in order to produce an estimated 95 million cubic meters of synthetic gas," according to EAWC Technologies CEO Ralph Hofmeier. "The resulting synthetic gas, or 'syngas', which could then be used to power an internal combustion engine or turbine used to power generator for electricity," he pointed out.

EAWC Technologies estimates that it will receive more than $5 million in revenue for this first project in the Mexican market. Management believes this is the most efficient, cost effective and profitable solution that Mexico faces to rid itself of organic & inorganic; solid or liquid waste and simultaneously help manage its energy needs.

This waste-to-energy plant by EAWC is a closed loop elemental recycling system that safely destroys wastes and produces commodity products. It is expected to clearly demonstrate how it can solve serious environmental challenges for Mexico. According to Tecnologías Verdes, it has plans for more than 30 similar projects involving EAWC WtE plants. 

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