Jul 5, 2013

Thinking outside the Box. Change is possible

In a world where the pursuit of zero carbon factories, cities and economies is an urgent aim for individuals, corporations and governments, the Energy Module offers ZERO Carbon power generation simply, reliably and economically. The world-demanded reduction of CO2 emissions requires a change of thinking in politics and industry and, of course, specific measures. The enormous CO2 emissions are considered to be the main cause for global warming and climate change.

CO2 emissions from fossil-fuel combustion increased again in 2012, reaching a record high of 31.6 Gt. This represents an increase of 0.4 Gt on 2011, or 1.4%, a level that, if continued, would suggest a long-term temperature increase of 3.6 °C or more. The growth in emissions results from an increase in global fossil- fuel consumption: 2.7% for natural gas, 1.1% for oil and 0.6% for coal. Taking into account emissions factors that are specific to fuel, sector and region, natural gas and coal each accounted for 44% of the total energy-related CO2 emissions increase in 2012, followed by oil (12%)1. Click to see the chronology of global temperature animation.

The waste heat given off in industrial processes in the low-temperature range up to 100°C constitutes an energy potential in all industrialized countries that is left largely unused. EAWC Technologies offers a new process for generating electric current from low-temperature heat, thus enabling the potential from this lost heat produced in many industrial processes to be made use of. In addition to its potential using waste heat sources, the process can also utilize heat from other sources for the generation of electricity, for instance from solar energy, geothermal heat, or technically conditioned waste heat flows from power stations and combined heat and power (CHP) plants. Through the specific utilization of low-temperature heat for the generation of electricity, a major worldwide contribution could be made to reducing the consumption of fossil energy resources and cutting CO2 emissions.

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1Source: Redrawing the Energy-Climate Map. World Energy Outlook Special Report. IEA International Energy Agency

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  1. Using EAWC Energy Module Technologies, including steam heat to energy or waste heat to energy, you are using renewable energy in place of fossil fuels. This not only saves energy costs, but allows creation of carbon credits for reducing CO2 in the atmosphere. Selling of carbon credits is an additional means in which to tackle climate change.
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